Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers

A strong website is vital in attracting new business and presenting your business positively.

Building websites is a key specialism of ours. Indeed, in the last year Ignition have built and launched over twenty broker websites. These ranged from content-rich corporate sites through to full online quote and buy applications; each one site designed to support the broker’s brand and strengthen their marketing position.

At Ignition we have the skill set and expertise to create truly effective websites.

Websites are often the first point of interaction between customers and a business. It is usually the fastest and most convenient way for customers to look at a business or product for information before they complete a purchase.

Not only can a website inform potential customers on what you have to offer, but you can also use it to sell yourself giving your business a competitive advantage.

This can be achieved by having a website that has a strong, modern design and is user friendly.

What we can do for you

We work closely with you and your team in order to create a design for your website that is going to work effectively and set you apart from your competitors.

  • We aim to complete the process from start to finish as quickly and efficiently as we can.
  • Throughout the process of designing and building the site we will give you regular updates and always ask for your feedback so that we can work together on any improvements, so that you get the most from your website.

What are the benefits to you?

By incorporating a modern design and creative visuals you will be set apart from your competitors. Differentiating yourself from competitors and establishing your own identity is a key factor in generating business.

  • A website is a quick and effective way to inform and show to potential customers what you have to offer. This information is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • It is the most easily accessible way for potential customers to gain information about your business and products.
  • Our expertise in enhancing search engine optimisation performance can result in an increase in the amount of people who visit your site, which ultimately will lead to a greater amount of enquiries and hopefully will end in more sales.
  • Your clients can access an optional microsite where they can securely access information and communicate amongst each other in a safe environment.

Our Marketing Services

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