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20% EndCustomer Discount for Willis Towers Watson Network members

EndCustomer – Insight on demand

app.endcustomer.co.uk is created by Ignition NBS.

EndCustomer is an award winning innovative data collection tool designed to help Insurance Brokers quickly profile existing and potential customers.

Exclusive Pricing for Willis Towers Watson Network Members

Pricing to include credit data and CCJ search

Pricing NOT to include credit data and CCJ search

To take up this offer, please contact your AXA Account Manager. Alternatively, get in touch with Ignition using the contact details below to arrange a demonstration.

What we can do for you

EndCustomer provides the following insight:

  • Key financial trends over five years;
  • Director information, including other directorships;
  • HSE cases check;
  • Company Sanctions check;
  • Location risk assessment, including crime, subsidence, flood and fire response times;
  • Relevant articles to the business sector;
  • An overview of the company’s web and social media presence (where available)

What are the benefits to you?

  • EndCustomer will provide you with fresh insight to help you win and retain customers.
  • This insight is generated for you within a matter of minutes, thus saving you countless time and effort.

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