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Insurance, financial and risk management advice

Wilsons are a family owned, third generation independent insurance broker. They are one of the leading insurance brokers and financial services organisations in the East Midlands.

Wilsons also organise and manage the ‘Midlands Family Business Awards’. The awards are strongly committed to the family business sector, celebrating its successes and helping its leaders succeed.

Development of a new mobile optimised website




The existing website had limited content management functionality and the design had started to look dated, and as such didn’t accurately showcase the organisations vision and expertise.

Inconsistencies in how the website displayed in different browsers and on different devices was also a cause of concern.


As the brokerage celebrated its centenary in 2014 it seemed a good opportunity to redevelop the Wilsons website to not only highlight their heritage but also their modern approach to business.

Ignition were tasked with developing a mobile responsive website which is representative of Wilson’s experience and expertise as well as promoting the Family Business Awards and the history of the brokerage.

Given the many different products and services on offer, and the different types of target audience these products were aimed at, it was key that the site had a clear and simple navigation which informed the user each step of the way


Given the wealth of information available on the site and the mobile responsive nature of the design, ease of use was paramount. Clear navigation headings and dropdown menu’s have been implemented to good effect, the dropdowns also include brief descriptions detailing what types of content the selected pages include.

Each landing page also included a menu of sub pages, clearly marked with descriptions to inform the user of what lay ahead. A colour coding system was also introduced to further guide the user as to what area of the website they were currently viewing.

Finally a search facility was included, this is particularly useful when accessing the site via a smartphone as it allows for quick and easy access to content.

Wilsons have a fantastic brand; incorporating their unique brand imagery into the site added a wealth of colour and appeal to the design that is uncommon in broker websites.

As it was the organisations centenary year a timeline was added to the footer of the site highlighting important events throughout the history of the organisation, again a unique feature, one that brought to life the organisations heritage and expertise.


The finished article is a modern, mobile responsive and visually unique website that successfully portrays Wilsons’ heritage and expertise. This is a big leap from their previous website and allows for much more engagement and interaction from the user.

Wilsons unique brand style allows the website to stand out from their competitors and leaves a lasting impression.


Through WordPress the new website is CMS enabled allowing Wilsons more control over their content as the system allows for everything from instant content updates and blog posting to SEO management.

The mobile optimised design ensures that users can easily access all the information on the site no matter what device they use to access the site.

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