Ever been stuck for something to say?

If you want to stay competitive in an age where consumers expect instant information, your brokerage will need to become a publisher of content.

Sounds daunting?

It is a big commitment. Especially when, in order to do it effectively, you need to produce regular content that is much more than just an advertising message. Prospects and customers alike will expect your business to provide insight or entertain them. They want to go to your website or social media channel knowing that they’ll get something worthwhile back. They’ll only download a whitepaper if they know they’re going to be educated. So you need to provide them with advice, engaging stories and information that is of genuine use and interest.  The payoff from all this effort is that, if they like it, they’ll share your content with others and spread the word for you.

So, here’s some ideas and pointers to make it easier for you to you pull together really engaging content:

A – Z of inspiration for killer content

A. Audience – probably the most important bit; understand who your audience are and make sure you give them the right content they’ll find interesting.
B. Bios and Get to Know features – put different people in your brokerage under the spotlight, it’s not all about your MD; this is great if you’re pushing a service message.
C. Call to Actions – once your content has grabbed their attention and kept them reading; always finish by clearly telling readers what you want them to do next. Call us, click to find out more, comment our blog post; just don’t leave them hanging.
D. Diversify your content – from emails to videos; YouTube to Slideshare, there are so many different ways of distributing your content –  so don’t just stick to Twitter; use the right channel for your audience and mix it up too.
E. Event Coverage – if you’re attending an event aimed at your niche audience, write about it. Write a review and prove your connection with make-up artists everywhere.
F. Forums – join forums aimed at your target audience and create blog content that answers common questions – How to get young tradesman insured on van insurance? Everyone’s asking, so give them the benefit of your expertise.
G. Grab their attention – You have a split second to grab a reader’s attention so put lots of effort into crafting a killer heading and a great opening line.
H. How-to Articles: a great way to create genuinely helpful information for your target market, especially as we’re in the business of helping our clients avoid risk – “How businesses can avoid data breeches”.
I. Inspiration from online idea generators like www.portent.com/tools/title-maker. Just type in some keywords and it will give you the subject for your content. Great for injecting some humour: “The 9 worst songs about insurance!”
J. Jump on the bandwagon – use tools like Google alerts, Feedly or Reddit to find out what news and conversations are happening around insurance, then join in.” ‘Crash for cash’ insurance scams soaring”.
K. Kill the hype; your content is not the same as sales copy, so less of those “..if your renewal is due..” tweets please.
L. Listen to your customers; what are they asking your account teams at meetings? They won’t be the only ones worried about Cyber Threats, so publish content that addresses their concerns.
M. Measure – there’s are many ways to measure the success of your content: how many views? how many retweets? If you know what’s successful you can produce more of the same.
N. Newsjacking –  the news story doesn’t need to be about you or your company, just inject your ideas or thoughts into breaking news and relate them back to insurance.
O. Opinion. Offer an expert opinion on something that will have an impacting on your customers. Make a stand. Be brave. Be controversial – Commission Disclosure?
P. Pillage insurer’s websites for stories, advice and interesting facts and figures. For maximum impact, put your own slant on it.
Q. Quality it’s definitely more important than quantity, but you need to be producing regularly too.
R. Rehash and Repurpose your best old content to make your life easier. Flooding isn’t going away, so just find different ways to write about it.
S. Spread the load – the best inspiration comes from different sources, so encourage your colleagues to participate in content creation and tap into the vast pool of internal knowledge that exists within your organisation.
T. Trust and Transparency – by avoiding sales messages and helping your customers to help themselves, you’ll generate trust and loyalty amongst your audience.
U. Useful – the main purpose of content marketing is to provide value to your audience, so make sure you write something your audience will find useful.
V. Viral – you can’t really plan what your audience turn viral, so focus on providing useful content and making it easy to share, then let your audience do the rest.
W. Whitepapers – write an in-depth report on a specific topic; great for demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, but they need to be backed up by solid research.
X. Xchanging, XCU – the insurance industry is guilty of using acronyms and terminology that are confusing to customers – why not jargon bust with glossaries and definitions?
Y. Your own unique voice – to stand out from the crowd write in a tone of voice that supports your brand position; are you honest, knowledgeable, witty? Whatever you choose, show your personality and set yourself apart from the competition.
Z. Zzzzzz – what your audience will do if you’re content is boring. So follow these tips to help make sure you write content that is genuinely interesting and engaging.

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