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  • Ken Wright
    Managing Director

    Ken has been involved in commercial insurances for over 25 years, with a diverse range of experiences from UW, consultancy, management and marketing to front line sales. Based in Glasgow the neighbours think he's a milk man as he is often up and on the road before the 'youngsters' are getting to their beds. Having spent 3 years selling Ignition services he is passionate about what Ignition can do to help businesses grow. 'My job is to create an environment that truly delivers on time, on budget..with a smile'

  • Andy Cox
    C3 Development Manager

    Andy has been at Ignition for a while and over time has swapped his Mac for a PC, and his jeans for a suit. He started life as a graphic designer and is now responsible for developing Ignition's range of Marketing Services. And when asked why he's still here, Andy says it's because he loves what he does and enjoys working with such a great team of people. He also finds it very satisfying to see clients' businesses grow as a result of work Ignition have done. With a young family, his spare time is pretty scarce, but 'Get Squiggling' feeds his love of art and 'Waybuloo' helps him unwind.

  • Mike McNabb
    Client Services Executive

    After a spell as a marketing co-ordinator looking after a retail branch network, Mike decided to make the leap to the other side of marketing, and the agency life. Here at Ignition he likes the variety of getting involved in all aspects of his clients' marketing activities. This means he experiences a far greater mixture of work, and people, than if he had remained client side, keeping him fresh for the task each day. Mike enjoys golf and swimming and is a handy man to know as he makes his own beer!

  • Ashley Hoggarth
    Client Services Executive

    A spell working for a marketing agency whilst travelling in Australia was enough to convince Ashley to cross to the agency side of marketing. Ashley enjoys working across the whole spectrum of marketing and getting directly involved in his client's activities. Ashley studied marketing at Newcastle University and has several years experience in the industry working in a variety of markets which has allowed him to become adaptable to each of his clients different needs. Ashley is passionate about music and enjoys going to gigs in his spare time. He enjoys his golf, basketball and is a keen football enthusiast and a big Blackburn Rovers fan, which goes down very well in his hometown of Burnley....